Slide Three Step Procedure Using the Contact Pro™ 2 STEP ONE Place an initial increment of composite resin into the proximal box. Condense this layer half way up. (approximately level with the pulpal floor) STEP TWO Press Contact Pro™ 2's appropriate tip into the uncured composite. Push or pull against the matrix, towards the desired contact. (Push for distal, pull for mesial) STEP THREE Place a curing light onto the circular lens. Cure while maintaining firm pressure on the contact. Remove the instrument and fill the depression with flowable composite. Continue adding composite until the restoration is finished. COMPLETE Your class II restoration is now fully cured and intimately bonded to the tooth structure (with minimal polymerization shrinkage).

Slide Avoid these two common mistakes. Avoid these two
common mistakes.
While using the Contact Pro™ 2
2 Common Mistakes report Using too much composite. report Rotating the instrument while it’s pressed into composite. DO NOT rotate the instrument while pressed into the composite. This will create an undercut locking the tip, when curing. Technique Tips While using the Contact Pro™ 2 Tip #1 Use only enough composite to fill the proximal box half way up. The composite should be below the height of the pulpal floor. report Excess composite gets displaced up against the instrument and will lock the tip in place. Tip # 2 Always keep the flat surface (the surface with lettering) parallel to the occlusal plane. While inserting, pressing, and withdrawing the instrument, keep the same path of insertion. A good technique will touch the underside of the instrument against the incisal edges of the anterior teeth and will not lift off, until finished.